Waterski - Wakeboard - Open Water Swimming - Ringos


TABS: Members and known guests may run a tab by recording items on the day sheet taken BEFORE they are removed from the bar
ll tabs must be settled daily, apart from Weekend/Bank Holidays, which may be paid on your last skiing day.
Should you wish to pay weekly
a blank signed cheque must be deposited in the till and completed by you on your last ski day of that week.
We reserve the right to cancel any pre-booked skis in cases of unauthorized outstanding tabs

BAR AREA Only members and authorized guests are allowed behind the bar. In particular guest ski and tab payments must be made through staff or a DWSC member.

CHILDREN under 16 are not allowed in the kitchen & bar areas. In addition young children are not allowed on the jetty areas unsupervised and without lifejackets.
MEMBER’S DOGS We are one of the few clubs that allow dogs and therefore, this must be on the strict understanding that owners are fully responsible for ensuring that no nuisance is caused to others.
In particular they must be kept on leads and supervised on decking areas.
Any fouling must be cleared up immediately. Please remember not all patrons love dogs!!

CLUB BOATS: Only those members so authorised by management are allowed to drive and/or tow skiers/riders. Moored boats are off limits to unauthorised personal.
Duty driver/coach has absolute authority whilst in the boat over passengers and participants.

LIFE JACKETS: should be worn at all times by participants, unless the driver/coach in their sole discretion deems this unnecessary.

SAFETY RULES: All members and guests must familiarise themselves with the British Waterski and Wakeboard “safety recommendations and codes of practice” a copy of which is posted on the SAFETY NOTICE BOARD.

HAND SIGNALS: are important and need to be used, details of which are posted on the notice board.

RINGOS: Safety helmets are available free of charge, mandatory for children and strongly recommended for all riders. In particular, all passengers must be seated behind the tow pylon and remain so until the boat is at a standstill.

JETTIES: Members/guests must not ski directly towards the dock and be aware of spectators when dismounting. No unsupervised children are allowed on the dock or near moored boats.

DECKING AREA: Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times to avoid injury by splinters and slipping, In particular children should play on grassed areas.

CLUBHOUSE: No wet feet allowed in the main areas, can cause slippery floors. Appropriate footwear to be worn in changing rooms as wet tiles can be dangerous.